Saturday, December 03, 2005


Meh I say. What a lacklustre month this has been. All the music in the world at my shredded bloody fingertips and boredom is the only thing that registers. Then the other night I was schlepping home in the slush and an LCD Soundsystem remix started to pound into my cranium and now all is well. "Kick out the chairs...motherfuckers"
Echo and the Bunnymen are in town this weekend but whatever...I think it would depress me a wee bit to show up and try to transport myself back in time 25 years or so. Even though they probably still light a fire.....but it's just a signpost, a buried memory. I still love "Heaven up Here", in part because of the cool cover. Cool blue, ocean blue, ocean rain, lips like sugar on the back of love. Sigh....time for a solid full-on Smiths revival. Hit the North!


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