Saturday, August 20, 2005


Every summer I adopt a Gothic lifestyle. Avoid the sun, listen to Dead Can Dance and drink lots of absinthe. The appeal of roasting one's flesh under a blazing sun is puzzling to me. Without a lush layer of gray Vancouver clouds overhead I feel unattached, ready to float away into the ether. It wasn't always that way, and occasionally I do venture out into the heat, or spend a few hours in a sweaty club. That's my summer. How was yours?
I realize that I've been reading a lot online about the things that allow me to read online. It's a tech loop. Blogs about blogs, podcasts about podcasts, websites about the Web. It was about ten years ago that my room-mate showed me how the Web worked. Windows 95 wasn't out yet and I think he was using the precursor to Netscape to surf. Hmmmm, yes.....protocols....hypertext......TCP.....yawn. Then I did a search for Orbital and lo and behold a few links showed up....with graphics yet. An opinion about their new CD, a listing of live dates; I was hooked. Still am.
The folks that live next door have a refreshingly eclectic taste in music. I'm hearing lots of African hip-hop, Rai, Emo/Electro/Indie yadda yadda. I just gave them the stack of Asian pop CDs that I found abandoned on Dunbar St. and that tickled them. I'm on the guest list. Peace.


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