Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Everything Squared

Damn I'm glad to be alive. Healthy and reasonably happy. Good friends. An endless supply of coffee. I hope to see quantum computers in my lifetime. Although not when I'm 95 and drooling into a cup. What could they do you ask. Well I'm not exactly sure but you could probably use one to slow down time, or compress all the music ever made onto a speck of nano-dust or re-sequence the human genome on your laptop and grow gills. Maybe. Perhaps you could develop a drug so powerful that taking it would put you in a state of infinite bliss. A third alternative to life and death. No pain. You wouldn't be addicted, you'd just be. Be-ism. As we increase the amount of sensory input in our lives it becomes harder to filter out the stuff we really don't need. But couple your cortex with a quantum computer and you could experience trillions of bits of quanta all at once and enjoy it as a complete harmonic cascade and keep at it for years. We're building God. Hyper reality. We'll be able to manipulate the foundation of objective realit.......information. Maybe we'll work out how to hack the cosmos in our lifetime. Or maybe Gaia will slough us off. Do we have a chance?

Saturday, August 20, 2005


Every summer I adopt a Gothic lifestyle. Avoid the sun, listen to Dead Can Dance and drink lots of absinthe. The appeal of roasting one's flesh under a blazing sun is puzzling to me. Without a lush layer of gray Vancouver clouds overhead I feel unattached, ready to float away into the ether. It wasn't always that way, and occasionally I do venture out into the heat, or spend a few hours in a sweaty club. That's my summer. How was yours?
I realize that I've been reading a lot online about the things that allow me to read online. It's a tech loop. Blogs about blogs, podcasts about podcasts, websites about the Web. It was about ten years ago that my room-mate showed me how the Web worked. Windows 95 wasn't out yet and I think he was using the precursor to Netscape to surf. Hmmmm, yes.....protocols....hypertext......TCP.....yawn. Then I did a search for Orbital and lo and behold a few links showed up....with graphics yet. An opinion about their new CD, a listing of live dates; I was hooked. Still am.
The folks that live next door have a refreshingly eclectic taste in music. I'm hearing lots of African hip-hop, Rai, Emo/Electro/Indie yadda yadda. I just gave them the stack of Asian pop CDs that I found abandoned on Dunbar St. and that tickled them. I'm on the guest list. Peace.