Saturday, June 18, 2005

Fake Organism

Your phone's off the hook but you're not. Look around people. See the sky collapse, watch the resolute sea rise up to swallow you. I'm feeling a bit antediluvian today. A bit eschatological. Burn baby burn, burn it all down. Cranky, a barbed wire funk. I remember an old girlfriend and I running soaking and drunk through the pre-dawn Vancouver rain, singing Smith's songs. Our kisses were fevered, now there's an old bruise to show for it. Where were we going?

Iggy Pop 'The Passenger'
The Smiths 'Reel around the Fountain'
Cocteau Twins 'Musette and Drums'
New Order 'Everything's Gone Green'
Spear of Destiny 'The Wheel'
Fad Gadget 'Incontinent'
Cabaret Voltaire 'A Touch of Evil'
Tracks to drift off to.


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