Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Peripheral Epiphany

Yeah, I've spent a lot of time listening to music over the years. Some would say to my detriment. Well bog-blast them. On reflection some of that time was wasted. The Techno years of 1994 to 1997 come to mind. When I realized how easy Techno was to produce on a computer I quickly lost interest. Easy. A spliffed out chimp could do it.
Do you ever find yourself amazed and awestruck over a piece of music? Something that melts and morphs and captures your attention and won't let go. All those disparate strands woven and layered into a new concoction. I gave Miles Davis's 'Pangaea' a listen the other day and it did the deed. How do they do it? I know all music has roots in past incarnations but I'm not a musician, so when I listen to music it's a sensual, occasionally dispassionate experience. I don't know much about bar chords or notes or scales. I'm afraid that if I did it would take some of the mystery out of it. Y'Know?
Local folks Black Mountain are getting my props today. Organic, analog and just the tonic for a rainy West Coast day. Cheers.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Frozen in Time

The pulsing organism that is indie music reminds me of those huge underground fungi that stretch for acres just beneath the surface of our world. Maybe one day they'll all link up, a global mushroom.
My earliest memory of hearing music that didn't exist on the radio was at a weekend art class my brother and I went to. Our instructor for the day belonged to this socialist/artistic/hippie collective and he brought along his music to play during the class. I was intrigued by the off-kilter rhythms and exotic melodies and asked him what it was that was on the tape. It was a group of his friends, two of whom had been travelling in the Middle East. So the chances of picking up a copy at the local Woolco were nil. I wonder if his friends had been to Jajouka in Morocco? The Master Musicians of Jajouka have influenced and collaborated with people such as Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, free jazz giant Ornette Coleman, Bill Laswell, Talvin Singh and Elliot Sharp. There is a legend that if they stop playing their music the World will come to an end. So unless you look forward to Armageddon, check them out. Highly addictive.

Monday, May 23, 2005

That's It!?

Do ya think? Maybe it's my self-diagnosed A.D.D. kicking in or the coffee wearing off or the neutrinos streaming through my brain but I'm beginning to see where this is all headed. A big mass of greyish whey-like information. Blah diddy blah Paris Hilton ass kiss blog that muthaf***a. I tunnel through the redundancy and oy veh, it's layer upon layer of quixotic questioning, opining, whining, kvetching, bitching and noise. It means something to someone but most of it sucks and blows. At the same time. Is there intelligent design? Who cares? Only there's a direct snaking line between that question and some religious bottom feeder sticking their nose/gun/bible/koran in my face. Boo-yaa!! 'Love will get you like a case of anthrax, and that's something that I don't wanna catch'. Drop and roll people. Call in the air-strike.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Race

Saw it on a blog, downloaded it, read a review on Pitchforkmedia.com, Googled it and now I'm gonna rattle on about it. Not before I subscribe to a few RSS feeds, catch up on a few podcasts and...........................oh Christ, gotta make sure I back it all up on my thumb drive. So much information. A bit junkie's wet-dream. I read some time ago about a theory that beneath the smallest sub-atomic particle, beyond the most elusive species of quanta exists pure information. That is the building block of all Creation. Information. And some of us want to access it all, all the time, always. To be able to siphon the great hard-drive of the cosmos into our pockets. Amen and pass the hardware.
The Gang of Four were in town, so I celebrated not going by grabbing a copy of "Entertainment" via a BitTorrent link....thing....file. Check out "Anthrax" , all dissonance and trepidation.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Anti Noise

Last night my landlord was constructing a metal gate to keep the crack-heads and zombies out of the back yard and he was making a hell of a racket so I decided to finally listen to Lou Reed's 'Metal Machine Music' very loud and hell yeah, it meshed quite well with the industrial sounds of fence building. In fact I may record his next grind-fest and do a mash-up. Maybe I will. On a lighter note, there are no crack-heads or zombies in our bucolic neck of the woods, but there are raccoons, and if they wake me up again at 4:00 a.m. I may break out the tasers. So watch it!

Less is the new More

Just a rant folks. Just a bitter jaded rant. Self esteem...over-rated....all things digital......hype...........goals, dreams and excellence.........for losers. There, I'm gonna live this day my way....achieving nothing more than the satisfaction of achieving nothing. Oh, and what's the deal with volume controls? They used to be round and you turned them, sweet simplicity. Today's gadgets are designed by monkeys disguised as engineers. No wait, stoned monkeys disguised as stoned engineers. Peace out.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Watch it, I've got peppah spray. Posted by Hello


'Sunshowers that fall on my troubles
Are over you my baby
And some showers I’ll be aiming at you
Cos I’m watching you my baby'

Tha Bomb

My bomb Posted by Hello

It's Turning

OK hi,
I'm probably sending this to the wrong department, but really, I have little control over the routing once it leaves my computer. The damn Internet should've been built by women.
Anyhow, I've developed this intense lust and infatuation with M.I.A. Her music, her style, her take on the human condition. And, she's bee-oot-iful too. Does any of this make any sense? Yo. Smitten. Me. She's playing in Vancouver tonight, I can't go and I figured it'd help if I unloaded my pathetic story of unrequieted love onto the World Wide Web and sent it to someone who might just understand. Any-hew.......M.I.A. fuckin' kills! Ciao.